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Last Updated on Dec 11th, 2023

Although one of the smallest state in Nigeria, Lagos is arguably the most developed state in the whole of Nigeria. Although, there are quick loan companies in Nigeria, Lagos is the financial capital and that is why most companies have their headquarters located there, as the state has a market that appeals to all. Also, another area where Lagos excels is in the presence of loan companies and fintechs looking to supply small business owners. Therefore, if you are a small business owner, knowing where to get loans in Lagos is very important, as it could make or break your establishment.


Where can I obtain a loan in Lagos?

Basically, you are spoilt for options when choosing where to borrow a loan in Lagos. Firstly, the obvious option is to first go to the bank. However, since commercial banks are virtually everywhere in Nigeria, we would leave them out of this article. In Lagos, there are a good number of financial institutions offering loans asides commercial banks.

Institutions that provides loans in Lagos

Some of the best places to obtain loans in Lagos are:

Rosabon Financial Services:

Rosabon financial services can be summed up in four points; partnerships, personal loan, vehicle lease, and investments. They are one of the major game players in the loan industry in Lagos. More so, they help you achieve your financial goals by providing access to millions of naira in loans. Also, one of their strong points is the quick disbursement duration. Apply and get a loan as quick as possible.

Skystone capital:

SME funding, personal finance, funds management, leases, debtor factoring, and Financial Advisory, are some top Services that sykstone capital provides. Also, they provide cutting edge financial solution with excellent customer service and fast disbursement of loans.


Lmoney thrives on providing an excellent loan calculator that allows you to simulate and kick start your loan journey. Amazingly, you can get access to N2 million loan within only 24 hours. Also, with LMoney, obtaining a loan couldn’t be any easier.


Migo is more than just a loan service provider. More so, it offers banking, merchant, fintechs and telcos financial services. As a fintech, you can make credit payments and overdraft facilities anywhere when carrying out digital transactions. Also, they offer amazing loans at flexible competitive rates that would suit just your needs.

Zedvance Limited:

the zedvance platform offers you loan through their website, moneypal app or by chatting with Zee on WhatsApp. Therefore, this tailors your application to your comfort, providing access of up to N5 million. Also, the loan is easy to access, only taking minutes to be disbursed, with no hidden charges of any sorts.

Easyloans Nigeria:

Easy loan is a platform in Lagos Nigeria, where you can obtain loans with no hidden charges. Also, they have a team of experts that offers loan advisory services to help you make the best decision and also create the best repayment plan. Finally, and certainly the best of all, you do not need any collateral.

Kwickpay credit:

located on the Island in Lagos, kwickpay credit have the facilities to provide loans of up to N2 million with less than 24 hours disbursement duration. Also, they do not require collateral, as long as you meet the minimum requirements and terms and conditions.


creditville offers quick loans for customers to meet urgent needs, or business owners looking to upscale. Also, they offer auto lease, corporate lease and even cab leasing services for those who intend to purchase a car. With credit ville, you can access up to N4 million in loan.


This article is limited to Lagos alone, you can get a host of place to get loans in Nigeria. There are a good number of places to get a loan in Lagos. Although we have covered a few, there is still quite a number left out. Knowing where to get loans in Lagos is must-have knowledge for everyone looking to build a business in the area.

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