KiaKia Loan – How To Apply For a Loan & Requirements

Dec 30th, 2021

Last updated on November 25th, 2023 at 11:35 am

Kiakia is a loan app in Nigeria that grants short-term business and personal loans.

If you speak pidgin English, you’d know ‘Kiakia’ means fast, or better still ‘quickly’. That is precisely the idea behind the KiaKia Loan.

KiaKia loan makes it very easy to access a loan without any collateral.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to apply for a KiaKia loan using their USSD code.

How to Apply for A KiaKia Loan

Follow the steps below to apply for a KiaKia loan:

  1. Visit the website and create an account with your accurate details
  2. Start an application chat on the site
  3. Upload a valid means of identification
  4. Enter your desired loan amount
  5. Choose the loan duration
  6. Upload a screenshot of your last 3 salary or business income alerts
  7. Accept the loan terms and conditions if your application is approved
  8. Authenticate your bank account
  9. Get credited

KiaKia Loan USSD Code

Currently, there is no working USSD code to apply for a KiaKia loan.

The former code used was *448#, but, it is no longer in service.

The best way to apply for the loan currently is through their website.

You can borrow as low as N10,000 and as much as N200,000 from them. However, most users are assigned a particular amount of loan at the start.

This loan attracts as little as 5.6% to as much as 24% in interest rates. Considering the speed of applications, this isn’t a bad rate base.

KiaKia Loan Requirements

You need to provide the following documents and meet the requirements to qualify for a KiaKia loan:

  • Valid Means of Identification
  • A bank account with a Bank Verification Number
  • Proof of income from the workplace or business
  • A working email address
  • You reside in Nigeria
  • You must be 21 and above

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If short-term loans are what you’re looking for, then a KiaKia loan is definitely what you should take a look at.

If it’s a success, then you get your loan in no time. You’re only advised to take up a KiaKia loan however if you can afford it. There is no room for defaults. 

You can obtain a comprehensive loan, tailored to your specific needs by using this platform. It allows you to compare loans from different lenders across Africa, ensuring the best option doesn’t slip through.

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