Federal Government Housing Loan Board of Nigeria – What you should know

Last Updated on Dec 19th, 2023

The Federal Government Housing Loan Board of Nigeria (FGSHLB) was established for one purpose, which is to solve the housing problems faced by public servants. Many times, civil servants work till retirement without being able to save enough to afford a home for several reasons. However, with the Federal Government Housing Loan Board of Nigeria, they can now obtain housing loans with flexible payments to make this possible. This article discusses everything you need to know about the institution.

Federal Government Housing Loan Board of Nigeria

An overview of the Federal Government Housing Loan Board of Nigeria

The Federal Government established FGSHLB to empower the career of public civil servants, spurring them towards owning a property. Therefore, with governmental aid, they can better provide housing and shelter for their families and live a better life overall. Basically, the FGSHLB offers favourable loans, with a single-digit interest rate to make them easily accessible to civil servants. In addition, this loan can be used for building, purchase, or renovating their houses for a better life after retirement. Also, you can read more about federal government loan agencies in Nigeria.

Federal Government Housing Loan Board of Nigeria eligibility requirement

The Federal Government Housing Loan Board of Nigeria is accessible to the following categories of individuals:

  • Federal Civil Servants
  • Members of the Armed Forces
  • The Police
  • Paramilitary
  • Staff of the National Assembly and the Judiciary on permanent and pensionable appointment. Also, this includes Federal Government employees in Federal Government-owned institutions and Organizations

What loans services does the Federal Government Housing Loan Board of Nigeria offer?

Available loan services under the Federal Government Housing Loan Board of Nigeria include:

Home and renovation loan

The home and renovation loan is available to federal government staff for renovating, repairing, and remodeling their home. Basically, they designed it like a mortgage that comes with extra cash for home improvements and upgrades.

Purchasing loan

The government designed this loan service for staff intending to purchase their first home. In addition, this action covers outright purchase as well as renovations and offers favourable interest rates.

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Building loans

The FGSHLB designed building loans for government staffs who already own a land property. Basically, it exists to finance the construction of the house on the land and nothing more. Therefore, with building loans, all you need to do is apply and get favourable interest rate with a flexible payment structure.

Fish loans

Asides from the outright construction of houses, FGSHLB recently ventured into providing loans that support businesses. However, at the moment, only the fish loan exists, which provides funds for farmers to open and run a fish farm. Basically, the equipment it covers includes the construction of freshwater prawns, fish hatchery, pond construction, fish seeds and net, and more.

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What are the documents required for Federal Government Housing Loan Board of Nigeria loans?

Basically, the exact document the require you to submit depends on the type of loan you apply for. However, most of the loans dealing with the federal mortgage bank, generally request the following:

  • Letter of Introduction from the employer
  • Letter of Request by the applicant.
  • Also, applicant’s Three (3) Months Current Payslip
  • Bill of Quantity property to be renovated (optional)
  • Application Form issued by Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria and the Federal Government Staff Housing Loans Board.
  • 1st Guarantor Form
  • 1st Guarantor I.D. Card
  • Also, a photocopy of NHF Passbook Bio data Page.
  • Applicant’s Active Phone number
  • 1st Guarantor one (1) month pay slip.
  • Letter of Confirmation appointment/Gazette appointment
  • Lastly, a photocopy of Staff l. ID. Card

How can I apply for a Federal Government Housing Loan Board of Nigeria loan?

To apply for any of their loan services follow the process below:

  • Visit their official website at https://fgshlb.gov.ng/
  • Navigate to the loans section and click on your preferred loan
  • Finally, click on apply and follow the prompt

How can I contact the Federal Government Housing Loan Board of Nigeria?

Basically, you can contact the organization through any of the following means:

Head office: 10th Floor Block B Federal Secretariat Complex (Phase II) Shehu Shagari Way, FCT Abuja.

Phone: 08117076722

Email: info@fgshlb.gov.ng


The Federal Government Housing Loan Board of Nigeria has made owning a property as easy as it gets for federal civil servants. Basically, all you need to do is to apply as long as you meet the criteria we listed above.

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