Federal government empowerment loans 2022

May 29th, 2021

Last updated on August 14th, 2023 at 04:15 pm

In recent times, the federal government of Nigeria has made loans available to boost the production of SMEs in the country. Therefore, there are a good number of loans that you can apply for across different sectors in Nigeria today. Essentially, these Federal Government Empowerment Loans in 2022 could also come in form of a grant and are open to all citizens. As long as you meet the minimum criteria, you stand a good chance of getting funds for your business.


What are the latest Federal Government Empowerment Loans in 2022?

Here are the top federal government empowerment loans so far in 2022:

Survival fund loan

The federal government of Nigeria created this survival fund loan as a way to help businesses that suffered losses during the lockdown. Basically, most businesses weren’t allowed to run, therefore, incurred great losses that some haven’t recovered from till today. Therefore, the government made this fun accessible to all companies for a duration of three months to help the business recover.

Bank of Industry and Central Bank intervention fund

This fund would distribute a total of N235, offering it to companies in the manufacturing, refinancing and restructuring sector. Basically, the loan is a result of a collaboration between the bank of industry (BOI) and the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

Npower Nexit Loan

The government designed the Nexit loan to act as a follow up for passing out Npower scheme beneficiaries. More so, the aim is to help them embrace entrepreneurship by providing funds for them to open a business. However, unlike Npower, the Nexit loan is not a grant but a loan. This means that all beneficiaries would have to pay back the sum and applicable interest to the government.

SEIFAC and CBN Anchor Borrowers program  

This program focuses on farmers and their respective cooperatives across the nation. It is an initiative that embraces wet cropping, encouraging farmers to farm in Agricultural production clusters (Agro PCs). In addition, this is a cluster farming model that pools resources to ease the challenges faced by small scale farmers.

Bank of agriculture (BOA) and SMEDAN Loan matching fund programme

This is an ongoing program that offers medium-sized loans to businesses in need. Essentially, the Bank Of Agriculture and SMEDAN loans range between N1.2 million and N5 million depending on certain conditions. The SMEDAN loan also does not require any collateral, as it includes a waiver of collateral letter.


This loan is specially reserved for the youths in Nigeria. It is opened to interested citizens between the age of 18 and 35 across all states in Nigeria. Successful candidates would attend online business training at different centres, before being given a loan to establish a business.


GEEP loan is an initiative that aims at boosting the Nigerian economy by empowering farmers, artisans, and traders financially. It basically covers three areas, which is the farmer Moni for farmers, trader Moni for traders, and Market Moni for other artisans in the country.


The Central Bank of Nigeria designed this loan to help all agricultural-related businesses in Nigeria. Farmers and agricultural-related entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply, after which they consider the application and select successful candidates.

NHF Loan

The federal mortgage bank of Nigeria handles the NHF loan. It is a housing loan that aims at providing cheap and affordable housing for Nigerians all across the country. However, there are certain requirements to meet before qualifying for the loan.


Regardless of your business and industry, there is an empowerment program for everyone. All you need to do is to put together the required documents and applied. Currently, note that some of these loans are not currently running and may or may not be opened in the future. 

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