Easy Buy: How To Apply For an Easybuy Loan

Last Updated on May 16th, 2024

EasyBuy is a service that offers financing. It does this primarily through a mobile app. It allows customers to buy electronic devices and appliances on credit. It acts as a financial bridge between retailers and consumers. It provides loans or credit to help people afford items like smartphones, laptops, and home appliances. They pay in installments. EasyBuy mainly operates in places like Nigeria. It lets customers access these services easily through its platform. This makes tech and other high-value goods accessible to more people.

Also, EasyBuy loans exist to help people buy electronics and furniture. They are for those who lack the immediate funds to buy them outright. EasyBuy offers a flexible repayment plan. It allows consumers to acquire items immediately and pay over time. This makes it easier for people to access the latest technology. It helps them raise their living standards without the pressure of a one-time payment. This service is very helpful in emerging markets. An example is Nigeria, where access to traditional banks and credit can be limited.

How Easybuy Loan Works

1. Eligibility

You can get an Easybuy loan if you are the minimum age, usually 18 or older, and live where Easybuy services are available, such as in Nigeria. Potential borrowers must also have stable income. This is so they can meet the repayment terms.

2. Loan application process

To apply for an Easybuy loan, individuals can visit a partnered retail store or use the Easybuy mobile app. The process involves picking the product to buy. You provide personal and financial info. You also submit the necessary documents. These include a government-issued ID, proof of income, and sometimes a utility bill for address verification.

3. Loan details

The amount of the loan that Easybuy offers can vary. It typically lets customers finance purchases from a lower to a higher range. This depends on the price of the product and the customer’s credit. Repayment terms are designed to be flexible, with options to pay back in installments over several months. The down payment depends on the product’s cost and the loan terms. Customers might need to pay a percentage of the product’s price upfront.

Benefits of Using Easybuy Loan

1. Easy application process

Easybuy’s application process is simple and user-friendly. It lets customers apply for a loan with minimal hassle. You can complete the process online or in-store with just a few simple steps. This simplicity ensures that users can quickly access the financial services they need. They can do this without navigating complex procedures.

2. Potential for quick loan approval

One of the key advantages of Easybuy is the potential for quick loan approval. Once you submit the application and all needed documents, Easybuy processes it soon. This speed means that customers can get confirmation of their loan approval quickly. It lets them get funds for their purchases right away.

3. Financing option for desired purchases

Easybuy offers valuable financing. It is for individuals looking to buy electronics, furniture, and other high-value items. Through the loan service, customers can buy items right away and pay for them over time. It is an ideal solution for those who need to get goods without paying the full amount upfront.

4. Flexible repayment options

Easybuy provides flexible repayment options to accommodate the financial situations of different customers. Borrowers can choose from various installment plans. They allow them to spread the cost of their purchase over several months or even years. This flexibility helps people manage their finances better. It does this by aligning the repayment schedule with their income. It also aligns it with their spending patterns.

Easybuy Contact Information

  • Phone: You can reach out via +23418888188 between the hour of 9 am – 5:30 pm. Also, this is their Whatsapp line.
  • Email: For customer support, you can email Easybuy at support@easybuy.loans
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EasybuyinNigeria
  • X (Twitter): https://twitter.com/EasybuyNG
  • Website: https://web-tz.easybuy.loans/
  • Office Address: The Easybuy head office in Nigeria is situated at Number 9, Ogunnusi Road, Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos. This is the primary location for customer support and administrative operations. Also, Easybuy has established partnerships with several shops across Lagos, ensuring accessibility for customers in various districts.


Easybuy Loan offers a convenient way to buy mobile devices in Nigeria. You pay in installments, with just a 30% down payment. The rest is spread over 3 or 6 months. The service provides accessible financing. But, potential borrowers should be aware of the interest rates. The rates vary based on the repayment term. It’s important to research and understand these rates and any other terms before applying for a loan. For more detailed information and to explore their services, visit Easybuy’s website at https://web-tz.easybuy.loans/.


How much is the down payment for Easybuy?

The down payment for Easybuy is usually about 30% of the price of the mobile device you want to purchase.

How do I check my Easybuy balance?

To check your Easybuy balance, you can use the Easybuy app where you can view your loan history and outstanding balance.

Does Easybuy require BVN?

Yes, Easybuy requires your Bank Verification Number (BVN) as part of their loan application process.

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