How to apply for a scholarship – 6 important points to look out for

Last Updated on Dec 11th, 2023

Currently, the importance and benefits of education are well known, practically streamlining everyone to pursue a degree. We do this in search of being an expert in such a field and eventually making a living out of it. However, education is expensive in most parts of the world, and quality education is even more.

How to apply for a scholarship
How to apply for a scholarship

Also, as you progress, the price keeps getting higher with some of the best schools in the world currently charging up to $50,000 as tuition. Since this is largely unaffordable for the ordinary man, a good way to study in such a school is through a scholarship. In essence, this article teaches you how to apply for a scholarship, as well as other tips to help you along the way.

What GPA do you need for a scholarship?

Firstly, anything that comes at such a benefit is very competitive. Gone are the days when the requirements for obtaining a scholarship were a degree or a certain previous level of education. Now, scholarship bodies ensure that only the best and the brightest get it, therefore increasing the chances of such an individual to make a change in the world. Generally, the minimum qualification for obtaining most scholarships is that you graduate with a second-class upper (2:1).

We captured it this way because different schools have different GPA grading systems. Therefore, a score in a school could be in a lesser class for the same score in another. Also, although some scholarships still accept second class lower graduates (2:2), the number is quickly falling by the day. There are even some that strictly accept applications from only first class. In all, the competition is increasing by the day, and these bodies need a way to cut down the number of applicants.

How to apply for a scholarship

Here is a step-by-step approach on things you should do to successfully apply for a scholarship:

1. Carry out a ton of research:

the first step to applying for a scholarship is to know the available scholarships that are out there. Of course, if you don’t know, you can’t apply. Therefore, start by researching the available scholarships in line with the institutions they cover. This would save you time and give a sense of direction in your application.

2. Check your eligibility status:

after gathering all the possible scholarships you could find, cut down the number by filtering out those that you are eligible for. In addition, they limit some scholarships to race, academic qualification, disability, or even geographic location. Therefore, you would do yourself a lot of favour by removing those you don’t qualify for.

3. Arrange your table:

since it is wise to apply for several scholarships to increase your chances of getting in, it is important that you are organized. Therefore, create a list of your applications to help you keep track of them easily, also include deadlines too. For the best effect, track each scholarship in a separate folder and include all important information.

4. Provide the right information in the right way:

applying for a scholarship is similar to that of a job, in which you have to make the best impression. Therefore, follow all instructions to the letter, avoid spelling mistakes and write legibly if you have to fill a form. Also, ensure you spend enough time cross-checking these things and also run it through others to check for errors. This helps because your brain would most likely miss some things.

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5. Carefully select your references:

this is a major part of your scholarship application. Therefore, getting the right references could make or break your application. Also, fill them in on the nature of the scholarship, and what is expected of you. This would help them to write in accordance with the skill and experience that you need to demonstrate.

6. Don’t miss deadlines:

this is as straightforward as it can be; do not miss deadlines. For most scholarships, missing a deadline is an automatic disqualification, therefore, do not joke with this.

What to include when applying for scholarships

There is no single rigid format of what you should include when applying for a scholarship. This is because each scholarship comes with a list of its own requirements, and process of application. Therefore, all you have to do is read the release carefully, and follow the processes as stated.


Many miss out on scholarships because of mistakes during the application phase. Simple errors like missing deadlines, or not following laid down formats mostly lead to immediate disqualification. Many times, your application does not even get to be reviewed by the board. Avoid this by knowing how to apply for a scholarship the right way.

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