Gomoney – Everything you need to know

Last Updated on Dec 11th, 2023

The introduction of digital banks makes it easy for Nigerians to enjoy stress-free banking services. Basically, these banks give you access to the digitalized version of conventional banking making it simple and convenient. Gomoney is a digital version of your everyday bank. Here is everything you need to know about the digital platform.

Gomoney – Everything you need to know about it

An Overview of Gomoney

Gomoney is an online bank that makes provisions for integrated third-party services and peer-to-peer payment. This means that they offer conventional banking services in a digitalized form. Basically, the digital bank creates a banking platform for you. This platform is easy to navigate, convenient and stress-free.

The privately held online bank was founded in 2018 and has since then grown into a reputable brand. The company specializes in providing digital banking and fintech services to Nigerians.

What services does Gomoney offer?

The online bank offers a variety of banking services. These includes:

1. Payments

You can send funds to anybody request funds from anybody and send receipts through the digital platform. Also, the platform allows you to pay anyone via links or QR. You don’t need details for this type of transaction

2. Split bills

Basically, the split bills feature allows you to create a group where you can split bills. You can simply just, create a group, label it and invite your loved ones. After they approve your invite, you can split anything.

3. Gomoney card

This is similar to conventional banks card. You can activate this card and fully operate it from your digital account. . Additionally, you have access to a tracking feature that keeps a record of all your transactions.

Basically, creating an account gives you access to explore all these services.

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How can I create an account with Gomoney?

To create an account with Gomoney, follow the steps below:

1. First, download the mobile application to your phone.

2. Next, input your details on the registration form and submit it

Thereafter, you can wait for the platform to process and verify your account.

What documents do I need to create an account with Gomoney?

The documents you need to open a Gomoney account includes the following:

1. A government-issued valid means of identification

2. Your utility bill with current home address

3. Taxpayer identification number or social security number

Lastly, you need your full contact information. These include your full name, phone number, email address, address, etc

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How can I upgrade my Gomoney account?

Basically, the digital bank, Gomoney has three levels to which you can upgrade your account. To upgrade your account, follow the instructions below:

1. First, click on your profile and then touch the toolbar, “upgrade to a full account”

2. If you want to upgrade your account to tier 2, just submit your BVN number. Basically, this helps the platform to verify your account.

3. To upgrade to tier 3, just add an image of your valid government-issued identification card photo. These can either be your international passport, NIMC card, or driver’s license.

Lastly, take a selfie for verification of your details.

What is the limit on my account with Gomoney?

Basically, the limit to your account depends on the tier of your account. If you are on tier 0, you have a transaction limit of NGN 20,000. For Tier 1, you have a transaction limit of NGN30,000 per day. A tier 2 accounts limit you to a transaction of NGN200,000. Lastly, for a tier 3 account, you get a transaction limit of NGN 2,000,000 daily.

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How can I download the Gomoney app?

Gomoney - How can i download the Gomoney app
How can i download Gomoney app?

To download the digital banking app, follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Google Play Store if you use an Android phone. If you use an iPhone, go to your App Store

2. Next, type ‘Gomoney’ into the search bar and search for the app.

Lastly, download and register on the app.

How can I contact Gomoney?

You can contact Gomoney via the following ways:

Address: 20, Marina Road, Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

Phone Number: +234 1700 6244

Website: www.gomoney.globa

Email Address: support@gomoney.global

Bottom Line

Gomoney is a great banking platform for Nigerians. The platform offers you a digitalized form of conventional banks. This makes your banking easy, seamless, and stress-free.

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