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How to get a loan from Ecobank in Nigeria 2022

Ecobank is a leading Nigerian bank that provides a diverse range of loans to help people meet their immediate financial needs.

Note that with an Ecobank loan, you may get up to 90% of your money. There’s no need for collateral as you can pay it back over 10 years. Besides that, you can get long- and short-term loans.

You can apply for this Ecobank Loan by visiting any of their branches or using the Ecobank Loan USSD code. However, before we go over the how, let’s go over the secret of getting Ecobank loans. In the rest of the article, you will know the requirements and types of loans Ecobank offers its customers.

How to get a loan from EcoBank in Nigeria

What are the requirements for getting a loan from Ecobank?

You can get a loan quickly, but for those who don’t know how, it’s simple once you know what you need.

Below are the requirements for Ecobank loan:

  1. Applicants must have already been banking with Ecobank for up to six months
  2. Applicants must provide either a National ID card, international passport, driving License
  3. Provide a utility bill

How can I apply for an Ecobank loan?

You can apply for an Ecobank loan in a variety of methods, but to get begin, you must first:

  1. Request a loan at any of their locations near you. You can also use the Ecobank branch locator to discover the closest Ecobank branch to your location.
  2. You can access Ecobank’s banking system by dialing *326#, which is the Ecobank’s immediate rapid loan code.

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What types of Ecobank Loans can I apply for?

You can apply for a variety of Ecobank loans to help you meet your financial obligations. They are:

1. The Ecobank Auto Loan

Ecobank plc offers an Auto Loan or Asset Acquisition program to their customers. This loan will help you achieve your ambition of owning a new vehicle or generator. They organized this loan to finance up to 90% of the total cost of the asset.

2. The Ecobank Advance Facility Loan

Ecobank can assist you if you find yourself with unforeseen financial needs. This Ecobank Advance Facility loan would allow you to borrow up to 50% of your net monthly pay in a matter of days.

3. The Ecobank Cash Backed Loan

Ecobank’s Cash Backed Loan is a pre-approved, low-interest loan that will enable you to access cash without depleting your assets if you have an existing deposit or investments with them.

4. The Ecobank Mortgage Loan

Whether you’re buying a new house, renovating an existing one, or refinancing your current one. This Ecobank Mortgage Loan is a great way to get started.

5. The Ecobank Personal Loan

The Ecobank Personal Loan is a multi-purpose loan with various repayment options and the ability to access additional cash once you repay the loan. This is also a good option for student loans.

6. The Ecobank Salary Advance Loan

This is one of the most popular loans because it allows you to get money quickly in an emergency. Employees of an approved company can borrow up to 40% of their net monthly salary with this loan type. Consequently, as it is a 30-day overdraft loan.

7. The Ecobank Travel Loan

The Ecobank plc Travel Loan makes it easier to budget for your holiday by providing discounts on airline tickets and hotel accommodations.

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What are the contact details of Ecobank?

You can contact Ecobank for more enquiries or report on any problem through:

  1. Twitter: @groupecobank.
  2. Facebook: drop comments or messages to the Ecobank page.
  3. WhatsApp: +234808760 3717.
  4. For email complaints: engcontactcentre@ecobank
  5. Phone numbers: +2347005000000, +2348003262265.


Ecobank offers a variety of loan products for individuals and small businesses seeking to grow. However, depending on the sort of loan, you must meet a variety of features, benefits, and eligibility conditions. Because of this, you can apply for the loan of your choice at any of their locations near you.