Providus Bank Loans – What you should know

Last Updated on Dec 11th, 2023

The popularity and adoption of online banking have empowered fintech companies to emerge. However, though some institutions operate strictly as a fintech company, there is a new breed that exists as a commercial bank, but operate most of their services online.

Basically, Providus Bank is one of the leading banking institutions in Nigeria that operates this way. Here’s all you need to know about them.

providus bank loans

About Providus Bank Nigeria

Providus Bank is an institution that was established to provide an excellent, unique experience to customers. This is so as to help them attain their objectives and in the process, become their preferred partner.

Providus Bank Nigeria service deliveries include:

  • Portfolio management
  • Relationship management
  • Business advisory
  • Personalized relationship management
  • Fast-tracked service delivery
  • Service solution

Basically, the bank focuses on creating a financial support system for institutions, agencies, HNIs, and SMEs. Their business model also collaborates with businesses to improve the non-oil sector of the Nigerian economy. Therefore, some of these sectors include agriculture, hospitality, commerce, mining, art, and entertainment.

What loan services does Providus Bank Nigeria offer?

Providus Bank Nigeria offers the following types of loans to their customers:

1. Travel loans:

Travel loans fund your traveling expenses upfront and allow you to pay later. Basically, depending on your Providus account and the nature of travel, the loan could cater for expenses including plane tickets and hotel rentals.

2. Personal loans:

Providus personal loans are available to customers with at least a salary account. Therefore, it offers you a loan for personal reasons with the interest and tenor depending on the loan amount.

3. Overdraft facilities:

This facility allows you to withdraw more than the sum you have in your account. Therefore, it is essentially the bank borrowing you money. Several factors determine the amount of overdraft on your account, including your monthly earnings and loan repayment history.

4. Vehicle loans:

Vehicle loans are also for those with a salary account, as it allows them to purchase a new vehicle and pay back over time. They deduct repayment from their salary at an agreed percentage till full payment.

Note that you must be a customer of the bank and have an account to benefit from their loan services. Basically, the type and amount of loan that you have access to depends on your type of account.

What Other Services does Providus Bank Nigeria offer?

Providus Bank Nigeria offers numerous services that are beneficial to customers. We can categorize these services into the following:


The personal account offers individual services to prospective customers. Therefore, the products under this category are:

Public sector:

This service of the bank caters to the needs of several public institutions. Basically, this includes government agencies and parastatal, religious organizations, embassies, schools, and hospitals. The services under it are:

  • Current Account
  • Salary Account
  • Affluent Current Account
  • Domiciliary Current Account (USD/EUR/GBP/YUAN)
  • Future Providus Account
  • Youth Account
  • Affluent Savings Account
  • Retiree Account
  • Domiciliary Savings Account (USD/EUR/GBP/YUAN)

Verve Card


the private sector is the opposite of the early discussed public one. Basically, it caters for the needs of individuals and organizations in the private sector of the economy. This product has the following services:

HNI Current Account
  • Premium Current Account
  • Premium Savings Account
  • World Elite Mastercard

Business Account

  • Emerging Local Corporate Current Account
  • Offering

How can I contact Providus Bank Nigeria?

Basically, you can easily contact Providus Bank Nigeria through their online business concierge portal. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Follow this link to visit their official website:
  2. After that, they would require you to supply your details including your name, email address, type of query and complain
  3. Finally, on supplying all information, click the submit button and an agent would reach out to you with answers to your questions

How can I open an account to benefit from Providus bank Nigeria?

Being a very digital bank, most of its services are available online. Basically, you only need to visit their official website at to get started. There is an “open an account” button that you can click to create an account.


Providus Bank Nigeria is one of the emerging top financial institutions in the country. Therefore, they provide affordable services and make the “unbankable” very much bankable. Visit their official website to get started today.

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