Nigeria’s Best and Fast Loans in 2024

Last Updated on Mar 22nd, 2024

Today, unlike several years back, we now have a growing list of fintech companies giving out quick and affordable loans to their customers. Gone are those days when we used to have few Fintech companies giving out loans. Although we have a lot of lending organizations at the moment, the fact is, they offer exceptional services to others. This is in terms of their loan tenor, repayment schedule, minimum and maximum loan amount, etc.

In this article, to ensure that you have access to the best lending services, we will be reviewing Nigeria’s best and fast loans. You can count on this article to provide you with all the information you need regarding the subject.

Top 10 List of Nigeria’s best and fast loans

  • Loanspot
  • Carbon
  • Branch
  • Nodcredit
  • Aella Credit
  • Quickcheck
  • Fairmoney
  • KashKash
  • Okash
  • Palmcredit

1. Loanspot:

Loanspot is one of the best lending platforms in Nigeria. They provide businesses, entrepreneurs, and everyday individuals with instant online loans that will enhance the quality of their livelihoods. This platform is designed in such a way that it connects you with several lenders across Nigeria in minutes. As of the time of this article, Loanspot has helped over 180, 000 individuals get access to credit products.

2. Carbon:

Formerly known as Paylater, Carbon exists to provide its users with instant online loans in minutes. They access your loan worth using your BVN to determine how much you can access. If you satisfy all their requirements you can access up to N20 million. Their interest rate is flexible and it ranges from about 5%-15%

3. Branch:

Branch is one of Nigeria’s best platforms that offer quick and affordable loans. On the Branch mobile app, you can access loans from N1,000 to N200,000 within minutes and with a repayment period of 4 to 40 weeks. Their interest rate is affordable as it ranges from 15%-34%.

4. Nodcredit:

NodCredit is another online platform that offers both employed, and self-employed, business people and corporates quick loans. As a first-time borrower, you will have access to about N10,000 to N50,000. Once you certify all their requirements, they will disburse your loan into the account you provided during your registration.

5. Aella Credit:

Aella Credit is one of Nigeria’s best platforms for getting fast loans. They are an app-only platform where you can access quick online loans. If you meet their lending requirements, you can access loans up to N700,000 with an interest rate between 4% -29%

6. Quickcheck:

They design the Quickcheck mobile loan app for individuals and businesses who need access to quick financial credit. On this platform, you can access up to a minimum of N30,000 without collateral for a duration of either 15 or 30 days. Basically, the duration of the loan depends on your creditworthiness and how long you have been using their services.

7. Fairmoney:

Fairmoney is a mobile app that provides you with short-term loans that you can use in settling your urgent needs. If you pass the verification stage, you will have access to the amount that tallies your credit score. They decide all these in less than 5 minutes.

8. OKash Loan:

The OKash Mobile application is an efficient way for you to access credit anytime and anywhere. They are an automated lending platform that is dedicated to increasing access to credit by financially under-served individuals in Nigeria. If you meet up with their eligibility requirements, you will receive the loan in your account in less than 5 minutes.

9. Palm Credit:

Palm credit is one of the oldest and most reliable lending platforms in Nigeria. They have been around for a while and they make it easy for you to access their loan options anytime and anywhere within minutes. If eligible, you can access up to N100,000 on the mobile app within minutes of application.

10. Jumia Loan:

This is a quick cash loan platform from Jumia that provides users with instant cash loans. You can access these loan options using the JumiaPay Android app that you can find on the google play store. They offer fast loans and their interest rates are affordable.


The lending platform that makes our list of Nigeria’s best and fast loan companies is our top pick in 2022. If you need quick loans, you can leverage any of their lending options. Forex loan is also a loan service available in Nigeria.

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