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ReadyCash – How to become an agent

In Nigeria today, many people do not have access to basic financial services. The minority of people fortunate to have access to conventional banking services complain of the problem of waiting in long queues. ReadyCash is a company that aims to solve the problem of lack of access to adequate financial services for Nigerians. Here is everything you need to know about the company.


An Overview of ReadyCash

ReadyCash is a banking network that helps Nigerians access better financial services by allowing cashless transactions between people. The organization is owned by Parkway Projects and was founded in 2012. Basically, they recruit agents who dedicate themselves to providing financial services for a considerable portion of Nigeria’s population. Also, they give recruiters the chance to earn money through this means and to employ other interested participants under them. 

The CBN-licensed company uses a mobile payment service that allows you to create and manage virtual wallets. Essentially, this wallet allows you to keep money and perform transactions easily and conveniently.  

What services does ReadyCash offer?

The features of ReadyCash includes the following:

1. Send and Withdraw money

With the ReadyCash app, you can send money to any bank in Nigeria with just one click on your phone. Additionally, you can withdraw cash from your banks through ReadyCash POS or agents.

2. Pay bills

You can pay bills conveniently. Basic bills like your electricity bill or Cable bill can be paid using your App.

3. Pay Merchants

The app allows you to make payments to entrepreneurs and shop owners with your smartphone. This process is simple and hassle-free.

3. Airtime recharge

The digital banking service allows you to buy airtime for yourself and for your loved ones conveniently. 

Lastly, the platform gives you a chance to open an account and enroll for your BVN without waiting in long queues. 

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How can I become a ReadyCash agent?

To become a Ready cash agent, follow the steps below:

1. Download the mobile app, ReadyCash on Google Playstore for Android.

2. Create an account on the app by filling the registration form.

3. Next, wait for feedback from them. You will get feedback about the success of your process within 72 hours.

After you get approved, you will receive an agent ID, a pin, and a password with which you can make your mobile money transactions.

What are the requirements needed to become a ReadyCash agent?

The requirements you need to become an agent are:

1. A government-issued valid means of identification

2. Your valid utility bill

3. A clear image of yourself

Basically, these requirements will prove the authenticity of your account.

How can I get a free POS from ReadyCash?

Every ReadyCash POS agent is entitled to one POS machine. However, to get the machine, you need to:

1. Pay a total of N10,000 which will act as a collateral fee.

2. Meet the transaction target for the month. The minimum transaction volume in a month is N2,000,000(two million naira). 

3. You will also need to pay a delivery fee depending on your location. 

Another alternative to a POS machine is a pin pad. A pin pad is directly linked to your agent account.

How can I get ReadyCash’s Pinpad?

The pin pad machine is similar to the POS machine. However, you can use it to withdraw and deposit at charges different from the POS machine. To get a pin pad, you need to pay N20,000 which is the cost of the pin pad.

Where can I download the ReadyCash App?

You can download the app on Google Playstore for androids only at the time of this writing. 

How can I contact ReadyCash?

You can contact ReadyCash company through the following ways:

Address: 295 Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba, 101245, Lagos, Nigeria.

Phone number: 01 454 3219


Email Address:

Bottom line

ReadyCash is a digital platform that provides you with easy ways to access financial services. Also, the company empowers Nigerians by offering individuals the chance to become their transaction agents. In essence, the platform helps you to make your money transactions seamless and convenient.

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