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Proof of Funds Providers in Nigeria 

Last updated on September 4th, 2023 at 02:23 pm

One of the major things that can act as an obstacle to many Nigerians’ relocation to their dream country is the Proof of Funds document. Proof of funds (POF), which is a document that indicates that a person has the ability and money available to migrate to another country, is a criterion that is not easy to meet due to the lump sum of money usually involved. However, with LoanSpot, all your worries about getting your Proof of Funds are over. If you are hoping to get your POF, here’s how LoanSpot can help you. 

Proof of Funds Providers in Nigeria 

Listed below are the best and most reliable Proof of Funds providers in Nigeria:

1. LoanSpot

LoanSpot is one of Africa’s most prominent financial services companies. If you are interested in getting your Proof of Funds, no worries, you can obtain it through LoanSpot. While LoanSpot doesn’t directly provide Proof of Funds to customers, our primary role is to connect individuals in need with trusted Proof of Funds providers.

The experienced team at LoanSpot will lead you through the process of getting your POF and make sure that you have the vital documentation to accomplish your goals of traveling out.

On the LoanSpot platform, you can get millions of Naira as your Proof of Funds in no time.

It is worth noting that LoanSpot is not a lender or lending company so we do not provide loans to customers. Our role is just to connect borrowers to readily available lenders.

What Documents Do I Need to Qualify for a Proof of Funds?

The Proof of Funds (POF) Request Form from LoanSpot will require these important basic details from you:

  • Full Name
  • Phone Number 
  • Email Address
  • POF Amount required 
  • The date you need the funds
  • Preferred fee
  • Reason for POF  

What are the Benefits of Getting Your PoF through LoanSpot?

Here are some of the benefits you get when you get your POF through LoanSpot:

  • Swift and stress-free process and adequate customer support
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Easy access

2. is another Nigerian financial services company that focuses on providing proof of funds to interested people to help them achieve their migration dream. You can get your POF from this company for the purpose of executing International business or processing your visa application processing seamlessly.

3. is another platform that can fund accounts with over 50 million Naira as Proof of Funds for your visa processing. This platform guarantees to disburse the funds into your account between 24-48 hours. Also, they offer you a chance to split the payment into batches. 

4. EdFin Microfinance Bank

With a maximum loan amount of 20 million Naira, EdFin Microfinance Bank has made POF applications very fast and stress-free. Distance is not a barrier with EdFin Microfinance bank as you can get your proof of funds from any region of Nigeria

How much is Canada Proof of Funds in Naira for International Students?

Proof of funds in Naira for international students should be a minimum of N10,500,000 or more. Also, note that the funds should be in your account throughout your application process and a little while after you relocate. Essentially, it is to show proof that you have enough to cover 6 months of your living expenses after arriving in Canada. 

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LoanSpot takes the lead as the best Proof of Funds provider in Nigeria that you can trust. Whether you are applying for a vacation, study visa, family relocation, or even permanent visa, you can depend on us to have you covered. Don’t let high-interest rates be a limiting factor. 

Take advantage of our stress-free and low-interest proof of funds providing service today and make your dreams come true. Contact us at to learn more about this service!