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Omoluabi Mortgage Bank Review

Last updated on August 6th, 2023 at 07:39 am

Omoluabi Mortgage Bank is now LivingTrust Mortgage Bank.

With the help of mortgage banks, you can acquire real estate properties without having to pay much sum upfront. Although only a rising scheme in Nigeria, Omoluabi Mortgage Bank has been one of the most reliable sources of mortgage loans, and have years of experience and testimonies to show for it. This article is a breakdown of their services, and other things that you need to know.

About Omoluabi Mortgage Bank

Incorporated in Osun state 1993, Omoluabi Mortgage Bank was established to provide general mortgage financing to customers. Their services include mortgage financing, general financing, real estate construction financing, and mortgage banking services. Omoluabi Mortgage Bank is Nigeria’s most foremost mortgage bank, and one of the best choices for you as a customer.

What are the benefits of using Omoluabi Mortgage Bank?

The main benefit you would enjoy as a customer when banking with Omoluabi Mortgage Bank is its easily accessible mortgage loan. With this loan, you can cater to your immediate shelter needs through services that are tailored to suit your pockets and purposes. A breakdown of the benefits are:

  1. Tailored services to suit your pockets and purposes
  2. Easy access to mortgage loan
  3. Flexible repayment structure

What services does Omoluabi Mortgage Bank offer?

Omoluabi Mortgage Bank offers the following services:

  1. Mortgage:

They design mortgage loan service to help you live your best life, through financing an array of things you need. It covers everything from individual to corporate and other needs. The services available under this loan are:

  1. National Housing Fund Scheme (NFH) Loan: it is a scheme administered by the FMBN, which provides financial support for you as a contributor, to help build, renovate, or purchase your own home.
  2. Omoluabi Home Mortgage loan: this loan finances your acquisition of a house or property which is meant for residential use.
  3. Individual Mortgage Facility: the individual mortgage loan facility is available to only individuals, and helps you finance the acquisition of a house or property for residential use only.
  4. Corporate Mortgage Facility: with the corporate mortgage facility, it does not leave corporate organizations out. It allows them to finance the acquisition of assets, and business expansion.
  5. Other Facilities and loans: these are other facilities that are available under Omoluabi Mortgage Bank mortgage service. It includes the Property Acquisition Loan (PAL), Omoluabi Certificate of Deposit (OSL COD), etc.
  1. Banking:

Omoluabi Mortgage Bank also provides regular banking and savings services asides mortgage loans. These services include:

  1. Homeownership accounts
  2. Regular savings account
  3. Easy save account
  4. Star kiddies Account
  5. Gold Account (corporate)
  6. Gold Account (corporate)
  7. Karakata Access Account
  8. Term Deposit/ Fixed Deposit
  9. Call Deposit

What Interest rates apply to Omoluabi Mortgage Bank loans?

The applicable interest rates depend on the amount of the loan, and its agreed repayment term. Due to this, it might differ from one loan contract to another.

How quickly does Omoluabi Mortgage Bank release funds?

The delay in obtaining a Mortgage loan would be during the application and screening process. The property would need to be assessed, as well as its value and third party dealers involved. Although this might take a while, on confirmation and successful approval or loan, they would release the money to finance the agreed project.

How can I contact Omoluabi Mortgage bank for a loan application?

You can easily apply for a loan through their official website. Visit

  1. Click on your preferred loan service to get started.
  2. A dialog box requesting the necessary details would popup.
  3. Input the necessary details and submit.
  4. You would be contacted by an agent.

You can contact the bank through any of the following:

For Mortgage & Loan Enquiries, contact:

Bolaji Kolawole at

Taiwo Akinbode at

If you have questions on Banking, e-Banking & Operations, contact:

Tunde Kudaisi at

Afisat Adebola at

For General Enquiries, contact:

Bolaji Kolawole at

Or visit their official contact page at, where you can use the “send us a message” dialog.


With intelligent use, you can finance your properties through Omoluabi Mortgage Bank loans for personal or business purposes. However, it is expedient that you do have a solid repayment structure and means in mind. Omoluabi Mortgage bank is one of the best at what they do, and you can be assured of their services and commit today.