Moneymie – A seamless way to do cross-border transfers

Mar 17th, 2022

Nowadays, going to physical banks to make transactions can be very stressful. The problem of waiting in long queues or even facing disappointment when your transaction is unsuccessful is a common one. However, digital banking has solved this problem for everyone. Moneymie is a digital bank that allows you to access conventional banking services and more with ease. With this digital bank, you can make seamless cross-border transactions within minutes and not days. 

An Overview of Moneymie

An Overview of Moneymie

Moneymie is a digital diaspora bank and transaction platform that offers international wire transfers, mobile apps services, as well as USD payments. Basically, they offer you a platform that enables you to access all conventional banking services through your mobile phone. You can send, receive money and make payments in the multiple currencies available on the platform.

The privately-held digital banking organization was founded in 2019. They specialize in providing Diaspora Banking, Diaspora Investing, Money Transfer, and digitized Banking services for the public.

What services does Moneymie offer?

The digital diaspora bank offers the following services: 

1. Money Transaction 

With this digital banking platform, you can send money and receive money within specific countries like Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa. Also, you can convert your currency into other foreign currencies. 

2. Make USD Payments

Basically, this platform allows you to make seamless cross-border transfers. This transfer could be from your dollar wallet to another dollar wallet available in the US and more than 90 other countries.

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What Services does Moneymie offer?
What Servies does Moneymie offer?

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How can I register on Moneymie?

To create your account on the platform, follow the steps below:

1. Download the mobile application on your iOS or Android device

2. Next, touch “sign up” and enter your basic details on the form.

Lastly, check your details once again to verify that it is accurate then submit the form.

What documents do I need to register on Moneymie?

One good thing about Moneymie is that it is very easy to open an account with them. Basically, you do not need to have a government-issued identification card.

You only need your basic details like your name, email address, phone number, as well as BVN.

What is Moneymie for Business?

Basically, this is a platform designed specifically for business owners. It helps entrepreneurs to make easy and swift business payments. You can send and receive money globally in minutes. The platform makes your business stand out with high and small volume OTC transactions.

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How can I download the Moneymie mobile app?

Follow the instructions below to download the Moniemie mobile app:

1. First, launch the Play Store on your Android phone. If you own an iOS device, open the App Store instead.

2. Search for ‘Moneymie’ in the search bar

Download the app, register your account and start 

How can I contact Moneymie?

You can contact Moneymie via the following ways:

Email Address:

Phone Number: +1 512-766-6395

Bottom Line 

Moneymie is primarily a platform that offers you digital banking services. Basically, you can send and receive payment from various countries. Also, you can make seamless domestic and international transfers in minutes. Business owners are not left out of this offer too. In all, this platform is credible and reliable, so be sure that you are in good hand

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