Loan App Without BVN in Nigeria (2024)

Last Updated on May 23rd, 2024

Considering a Loan App Without BVN in Nigeria?

This guide lists the 10 Best instant loan apps without a BVN code.

We know and understand how much of a hassle it can sometimes be to request a loan and one of the things that can tick anyone off is the BVN requirement.

Thankfully, some lenders solve the problem of BVN requirements.

Let’s dive into these lenders that give instant loans without BVN.

Loan App Without BVN in Nigeria (2024)

10 Best Loan Apps in Nigeria Without BVN

  • FairMoney Loan App
  • Okash (via Opay)
  • Carbon Loan App
  • Jumia Pay Loan App
  • GoCash Loan App
  • Aella Credit Loan App
  • Quickteller Loan App
  • Eyowo Loan App Loan App
  • ALAT by Wema Loan App
  • Palmcredit Loan App
  • Gtbank Loan App Loan App

1. FairMoney

Fairmoney loan app without bvn

The Fairmoney loan app offers loans without BVN.

You can get a loan of up to ₦300,000 in 5 minutes without any need for a BVN check.

If you take a loan of ₦10,000 for 2 months, you’ll pay back at an interest rate of 2%.

The loan application process is simple. Download the app from your app store, submit your application, and get approval. That’s it!

2. OKash

Okash loan app without bvn

OKash, part of Opay Digital Services Limited, offers micro-loans for short-term needs without requiring a BVN.

It allows users to borrow up to N50,000 at interest rates of around 10% to 24% per month, and the loan term can last up to 60 days.

The application process is simple and quick, often completed within minutes​​.

3. Carbon

Carbon loan app

The Carbon loan app is a loan app without BVN in Nigeria.

You can get loans ranging from ₦1,500 – ₦1m within minutes on the Carbon Loan app without submitting your BVN.

The interest rates range from 1.75% to 30% and you can make repayments over up to 64 weeks.

For instance, if you get a 3-month loan of ₦50,000, you’ll pay an interest of 2% per month.

3. Jumia Pay

JumiaPay loan app

Jumia Pay is a service of the popular e-commerce platform Jumia.

It provides various financial options, including a loan without BVN.

It offers competitive interest rates starting from as low as 3.5% per month.

It also offers flexible repayment terms from 15 to 60 days.

Loans are instantly disbursed, and user privacy and security are prioritized​​.

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4. GoCash

GoCash loan app without bvn

GoCash offers long-tenor, low-interest loans without BVN submission.

The loan period is at least, 61 days and most, 180 days.

The app offers a 0% service fee and an interest fee of 33% which is quite high.

If you take a loan of ₦20,000 from GoCash for 120 days, you’ll pay ₦5,000+ as interest monthly.

5. Aella Credit

Aella Credit loan app

With Aella Credit, you can get an online loan without BVN.

You can also get a collateral-free loan of up to ₦1m within 5 minutes on the Aella Credit Loan app without your BVN.

Loans are repaid at an interest rate of around 22%.

6. Quickteller

Quickteller loan app

Quickteller is a robust payment solution.

It offers access to quick, collateral-free loans without a BVN.

Interest rates vary depending on loan duration and amount.

The application process is straightforward, and funds are disbursed directly into the user’s account after approval.

It caters to both short-term and mid-term financial needs​​​​.

7. Eyowo Loan App

Eyowo loan app

Eyowo provides loans without a BVN, with interest rates ranging from 5%-15%.

The loan amount can go up to NGN 50,000, with a typical tenure of 30 to 90 days.

It enables users to receive, spend, and send money without a bank account​​​​.

8. ALAT By Wema

ALAT by Wema loan app without bvn

ALAT by Wema is a digital banking app that provides instant loans without a BVN.

It offers loans up to N2,000,000.

You don’t need collateral, documentation, or paperwork for loan approval.

The process is fast, and loans are disbursed to the applicant’s bank account​​within minutes.

9. PalmCredit

Palmcredit loan app

PalmCredit offers quick loans without BVN verification.

Loan amounts range from N2000 to N100,000.

The interest rates vary from 4% to 24%, and the loans are available for up to 6 months.

The application process is user-friendly and efficient​​​​.

10. GTBank Loan App

GTbank loan app without bvn

Guaranty Trust Bank offers a comprehensive online banking app.

It provides services like account management, funds transfer, bill payments, and loan applications.

GTBank’s app is known for its user-friendly interface and robust functionality.


Where can I borrow money without BVN?

You can borrow money from loan apps that do not require a BVN.

These include FairMoney, Carbon (formerly Paylater), and OKash.

Research each app thoroughly and read the terms and conditions before applying for a loan.

Where can I get an urgent loan of 10,000 without BVN?

Loan apps like FairMoney and Carbon might offer small loans, for example, 10,000 Naira, without requiring a BVN.

The availability of specific loan amounts and terms can vary.

Check the latest information on the respective app.

You can also read loan apps that give more than 100k in Nigeria.

How do you borrow money from FairMoney without BVN?

You need to download the app to borrow from FairMoney without a BVN.

Please register with your details (excluding BVN) and follow their loan application process.

FairMoney typically requires other forms of identification.

It evaluates your creditworthiness through alternative means.

Does OKash require BVN?

OKash, operating through the Opay app, offers loans without requiring a BVN.

They may use other methods for user verification and credit assessment.

How can I block my BVN from loan apps?

Blocking your BVN specifically from loan apps might not be straightforward.

If you’re concerned about the misuse of your BVN, contact your bank.

Ask them how to secure your BVN and financial information.

Can a Loan App Block or blacklist my BVN?

Loan apps typically do not have the authority to block or blacklist a BVN.

However, if they suspect fraudulent activity, they can report it to financial authorities.

They can also refuse to offer services. If your BVN is involved in any disputes with a loan app, you should resolve the matter directly with the service provider. If needed, seek legal advice.

Check out loans for blacklisted in Nigeria


Loan apps without BVN can be difficult to get.

Besides the apps we mentioned, many platforms need your BVN before giving a loan.

Check for CBN approval and reviews before sharing your details.

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