How To Transfer Airtime on Airtel in 2024

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Sharing airtime with loved ones has never been easier thanks to Airtel’s Me2U service! Whether you’re experienced or new, transferring airtime on Airtel can be confusing, however, we’re here to help.

This guide explains all you need to know about the Airtel airtime transfer and most importantly how to transfer airtime on Airtel.

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How To Transfer Airtime From Airtel to Airtel (Me2U)

To transfer airtime on Airtel, follow these steps:

1. Open your phone and dial *432#.

2. Select option 1 for “Airtel to Airtel” transfers.

3. Enter the Airtel number you want to transfer to

4. Choose the amount you want to share, keeping in mind the minimum limit of N50 and your available balance.

5. Enter your 4-digit PIN to authorize the transfer. (Don’t forget to change it to a more secure one later!)

6. You’ll receive a confirmation message once the transfer is successful.

Tip: Want to transfer data instead? No problem! Dial *312# and follow the prompts to access Data Me2U and share a portion of your data bundle.

How to Share Airtime on the Airtel App

To share airtime using the Airtel app, follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the Airtel app
  2. Open the app and log in using your Airtel number. You might need to complete a verification process, usually through a code sent via SMS to your Airtel number.
  3. Look for a menu option that says “Me2U”, “Share Airtime”, “Transfer Airtime”, or something similar. This option is typically found under the services or account management section.
  4. Once you’re in the airtime sharing section, you will enter the recipient’s Airtel phone number and the amount of airtime to share. Some apps may also ask you to enter your PIN or password for security purposes.
  5. Review the details of the airtime transfer to ensure they are correct. Confirm the transaction. You may be asked to enter your PIN or password if you haven’t already done so.
  6. After the sale, you and the buyer will get confirmation messages. This message might come as an SMS or a notification within the app itself. It confirms the amount of airtime transferred and the recipient’s number.

How To Transfer Airtime From Airtel To Other Networks

You can share airtime with other networks (Glo, MTN & 9Mobile) using *432#. Select option 2 for “Airtel to other Networks” and follow the prompts. Remember, there might be additional charges for these transfers.

There are loads of other things you may want to do with your Airtel line. You can borrow airtime, borrow data, and even check your Airtel number.

Airtel Airtime Transfer Code

To share airtime on Airtel, just dial *432#. Add the recipient’s Airtel number and the amount you wish to transfer. Then end it with #.

For example, to send N500 to an Airtel number 0802XXXXXXX, dial *432*0802XXXXXXX*500#. Press the call/send button to initiate the transfer.

You and the recipient will get confirmation messages. You’ll get them once the transaction is done.

How to Share Bonus Airtime on Airtel

You cannot transfer the Airtel airtime bonus directly to another user. However, you can use the Airtel Me2U service to share regular airtime with others.

Airtel Transfer Transaction Limits and Charges

Airtel has no service fees and no limits on the number or amount of airtime transfer transactions.

Also, there’s no need for a subscription or any extra steps. This approach ensures that Airtel customers can share airtime with friends and family.

They can do so freely. They can do so without worrying about extra costs or limits. 

Forgot Your Airtel PIN?

If you forgot your Airtel pin, reset it by dialing *432# or sending “RESET PIN” to 432. But be careful – exceeding the wrong PIN attempts can temporarily lock your service.

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Airtel Airtime Transfer Failed? Check your balance, recipient’s number, and PIN for any errors. If the issue persists, call Airtel customer care at 300.
  • Can’t Change Your Airtel PIN? Ensure you’re using the correct code and format. If it still doesn’t work, contact Airtel customer care.

Me2U Airtel

Me2U is a service offered by Airtel. It allows Airtel subscribers to share airtime with other Airtel users. This feature is particularly useful for helping out friends or family members.

They might need airtime urgently. It’s a user-friendly service. You need a transfer code and a personal identification number (PIN) to use it. This ensures security.

Learn more: how to buy data on Airtel

Default PIN for Airtel Airtime Transfer

The default PIN for Airtel airtime transfer is 1234. Airtel recommends that each customer should change this PIN for security reasons.

Who is Eligible For Airtel’s Me2U Service?

Airtel’s Me2U service is accessible to prepaid customers only. The service is free. There are no daily, weekly, or monthly limits on the number of airtime you can transfer from one Airtel line to another.

Eligibility & Requirements to Transfer Airtime on Airtel

To transfer airtime on Airtel, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:
1. Have a registered Airtel SIM card.
2. The SIM card must be active for at least three months before requesting a loan

How To Change Airtel Transfer PIN

  • Dial *432# on your Airtel line.
  • Select option 3 for “PIN Management.”
  • Choose option 1 for “CHANGE PIN.”
  • Enter your current PIN
  • Enter your new PIN twice for confirmation.
  • You’ll receive a confirmation message once your PIN is changed successfully.

Airtel Customer Care

The Airtel customer care number is 300. If you’re not using an Airtel phone or are abroad, you can also reach them at +234 8021500300, +234 8021500743, +234 8021502020, or +234 8021520800.

Additional Tips on Transferring Airtime on Airtel

  • To Borrow Airtime On Airtel: Dial *500# to access this service (terms and conditions apply).
  • To Check Your Airtel Balance: Stay informed by dialing *140# to check your airtime and data balance.


  • Always double-check the recipient’s number before sending.
  • Never share your PIN with anyone.
  • Be aware of potential charges for transfers to other networks.


How do you transfer airtime on Airtel for the first time?

For your first airtime transfer on Airtel, change the default Me2U PIN to 1234. You can do this either by sending an SMS in the format “PIN [default PIN] [new PIN]” to 432 or by dialing 432# and following the instructions.

Once the PIN is set, use the same USSD code 432# to transfer airtime, or send an SMS in the format “2u [Recipient’s Phone Number] [Amount] [PIN]” to 432​​.

Can you transfer Airtel airtime to a bank account?

Direct transfer of Airtel airtime to a bank account is not available. However, Airtel users can recharge their line from their bank accounts by dialing *444#. This service allows you to recharge airtime or data for your Airtel line or for another Airtel number using your bank account.


Remember, the code to transfer airtime on the Airtel network is *432#. Dial *432*recipient’s Airtel number*amount of airtime#.

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