How Not To Outspend Your Retirement Money

Jul 29th, 2022

One thing that bothers the older generation as they get closer to retirement age is running out of cash in retirement. This is because life after retirement is harsher, especially if you do not know how to manage your retirement funds properly. However, you do not need to worry because there are steps you can take to make sure that you do not run out of cash after retirement. Here is everything you need to know about how not to outspend your retirement money. 

How not to outspend your retirement money
How not to outspend your retirement money

Where is the safest place to put my retirement money?

The safest place you can put your retirement money is in savings accounts with guaranteed growth. Alternatively, you can invest it in low-risk investments. Low-risk investment options include fixed annuities, fixed deposits, treasury securities, or money market accounts. Out of these low-risk investments, fixed annuities provide the best interest rates. Hence, it is safe to put your money in it. 

How can I ensure that I don’t outspend my retirement money?

Here are four simple steps to guide you on how not to outspend your retirement money: 

1. Understand safe withdrawal rates

As the name implies, safe withdrawal rate is the rate at which you can withdraw your retirement funds without going bankrupt. Basically, the safe withdrawal rate for a retiree varies depending on their unique situation. 

Factors like the age you retire, your risk tolerance, and portfolio asset allocation will determine how much you can safely withdraw every year. However, if you still can’t figure this out on your own, follow step 2.

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2. Work with a financial planner to help you figure out your withdrawal rate 

If you are still worried about how much cash you can withdraw in retirement, you should work with a financial planner. Basically, working with a professional makes this step easier and safer for you. 

Usually,  financial planners do more complex calculations and predictions for you. Also, they can point out errors in your plan and offer more suitable alternatives.

3. Invest in assets that pay you at regular intervals 

If you prefer not to deal with safe withdrawal rates, another alternative is to invest in assets that pay at regular intervals. The most suitable option here is investing in dividend stocks. Basically, you can purchase stocks in a company and live through retirement by earning from the dividend of the stocks. You will also need a professional to help you with this if you have no sound knowledge about investment. 

Alternatively,  you can invest in real estate. Just simply buy a property and rent it out to people. The money you get from renting out your property will see you through retirement. However, you should know that real estate may be more financially demanding.  

Lastly, you can purchase an annuity. Basically, an annuity pays you a certain amount monthly for the rest of your life in exchange for a bulk amount right now. Although this provides a lot of stability, it does not always give the best investigation returns.

4. Work in retirement

Another great way to ensure your retirement funds do not get exhausted is to keep working. You can take up small gigs to earn money while keeping yourself busy. Basically, this ensures that you do not deplete your funds during retirement. 

Bottom line

Learning how not to suspend your retirement money is easier than you think. Basically, you have to start planning this process even before you retire to ensure that it is effective. However, if you are starting late, you may have to look for a little side gig to earn money and ensure that you don’t go bankrupt.

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