How to apply for Autocheck car loans

Aug 27th, 2021

Autocheck is one of the companies at the forefront of car loans and asset financing in Nigeria. Basically, with Autocheck car loans, you can purchase the car of your choice and receive it upfront without full payment. The company operates a loan system that pays for the car on your behalf and then allows you to pay up monthly, over a duration.

Autocheck car loans

How do Autocheck car loans work?

Basically, autocheck car loans work in a manner to allow customers to purchase the car of their choice, without paying 100% cash upfront. Also, the company has a plethora of vehicle options to choose from, therefore, you do not exactly need to be worried about whether your preferred option is available or not. However, in a case where you can’t find your choice, simply indicate what it is and the company would source for your needs in no time.

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Do I need collateral to apply for Autocheck car loans?

No, you do not need any collateral to successfully apply for any autocheck car loans. However, you have to ensure that you go for a car that your income can easily pay for over the loan tenor. For example, earning N100,000 per month and opting for a car worth N7,000,000 is certainly off the books.

Can I apply for multiple autocheck car loans?

Yes, you can. However, they base this on the condition that your income can conveniently cater to both loan requirements. Therefore, if you’re a low or average-income earner, there is a good chance that they would reject your multiple car loan applications.

How do I apply for autocheck car loans?

To obtain autocheck car loans, simply follow the process below:

  • Complete a short form and receive tailored cars to choose from
  • Select a car of your choice and review the financial terms attached to it
  • Apply for an autocheck car loan and receive personalized offers
  • Accept a loan offer and drive home your dream car

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What is the minimum equity contribution for Autocheck car loans?

The minimum equity contribution is spelled out during the Autocheck car loans terms and conditions. That figure currently stands at 30%. Basically, this means that you have to fund at least 30% of the total cost of the car, to qualify for autocheck car loans. This 30% equity contribution is a show of commitment on your path and you can’t access a loan without it. Read more on how to get a car loan in Nigeria here.

What are the benefits of using autocheck car loans?

To make the tenor hassle-free and convenient for customers, all autocheck car loans products are covered with insurance, annual maintenance, and registration. Also, these services are sited at the nearest autocheck center to you. In addition, during the loan tenor, they would attach a service advisor to you. This advisor who would ensure that your car gets frequent maintenance checks at regular intervals.


Autocheck car loans are a common choice for Nigerians looking towards car asset finance. Their loan process is pretty easy and straightforward, and as long as you meet the financial requirement, there would be no hassle. 

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